Engineering Technician I



Job Summary: Reads CAD drawings or sketches with the purpose of assembling and testing line production equipment in a garage door manufacturing plant. Builds parts as needed using a milling machine, lathe, MIG and TIG welders to aid in the construction and installation of machines in a sheet metal fabrication process.
1 : Have a good understanding of mechanical drawings in order to fit and assemble parts into working assemblies.
2 : Prototypes machines to test feasibility of new manufacturing processes.
3 : Makes changes or additions to machine parts and assemblies as a development process in new machine design.
4 : Supplements production line construction to assure that machine operators can work efficiently and safely; designs and builds equipment safety guards.
5 : Assembles electrical control cabinets, workstations, pneumatic systems
6 : Fabricates machine equipment by setting up and operating shop equipment.
7 : Installs proximity switches and photo switches.
8 : Installs and field wires motion control equipment: servomotors, resolvers, encoders, control cables, drives, counters, and timers.
9 : Installs conveyors and custom transfer equipment: sprocket and gear drives, belting, couplings, clutches, gearboxes, pulleys, three phase motors.
10 : Assumes other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
1 : Reads mechanical drawings and builds parts to specifications.
2 : Follows instructions and asks questions.
3 : Work under time constraints making progress estimations to supervisor.
4 : Be able to work in a team situation with floor supervisors and personnel.
5 : Need minimal supervision no needing to be reminded of approved techniques.
6 : Have a keen sense of urgency that the customer is waiting for results.
7 : Respect other inside and outside of the Engineering department to aid in good dialect between departments
1 : Ability to work down at floor level and under conveyors and machines.
2 : Ability to lift 80 pounds correctly.
3 : Have own tools.
1 : Minimum of five years experience in an industrial environment or equivalent.
2 : Must have good understanding of sheet metal forming processes and automated production principles.
3 : Must be able to construct repetitive operating mechanisms to assure long-term reliability and wear resistance.
4 : Must understand nature of ladder logic control and servo motion control.
5 : Must understand pneumatics and hydraulics as it relates to pressure, force, and flow.
6 : Must be able to manufacture parts to print specifications.
7 : Must be able to assemble and wire machinery with neatness, precision, and safety.
8 : Ability to operate machine shop equipment.
9 : Ability to operate lift trucks and scissor man-lifts.


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