Sales Engineer





  • 负责相关区域,完成公司下达的预算指标;

Responsible for relevant area and complete the budget indicators issued by the company

  • 开发潜在的新客户、扩大公司在市场中占有率,维护、稳定老客户市场;

Develop potential new customers and expand the company's share in the market. Maintain and stabilize old customers

  • 制定市场开发的近期、长远计划;

Develop short-term, long-term plan for market development

  • 安排客户拜访计划

Client visit arrangement

  • 完成生产任务单、报价、投标、合同、客户信息申报、非标申请等日常文件;

Complete the production orders, quotes, bidding, contracts, customer information declaration, non-standard applications and other daily documents

  • 协助公司相关部门清缴欠款;

Assist relevant departments to clear the arrears

  • 筹备、组织本地区与市场开发、产品宣传有关的产品展览会、研讨会;

Preparation, organization of the region and market development, product promotion related products exhibition, seminar

  • 协助安装技术部门勘查现场条件、处理现场问题;

Assist in the installation of technical departments to investigate the site conditions, dealing   

with on-site issues

  • 协助服务部门开发维修服务业务;

       Assist the service department with the development of maintenance services

  • 每周上报客户拜访报告和项目推进报告;

       Weekly reporting of customer visits and project advancement reports

  • 每月整理库存报价,向销售助理上报库存报价分析报告;

Monthly inventory, and provide inventory analysis report to the sales assistant

  • 做定期的销售订单预测提供给区域销售经理;

Provide regular sales order forecasts to regional sales managers

  • 巩固客户关系,定期拜访客户

Consolidate customer relationships and make regular visits to customers

  • 其他上级经理安排的任务。

Other tasks assigned by line manager.






  • 大专或本科学历,机械工程专业或建筑专业背景

College or bachelor degree, mechanical engineering or architectural background

  • 有丰富的建筑设计院、工程管理公司、建筑施工总包企业(一级资质以上)的客户网络资源

With architectural design institute, project management company, building construction general package enterprise (above First level qualification) customer network resources

  • 有建材、工业品(挖掘机、发电机、叉车、钢结构等)销售经验为首选

With building materials, industrial products (excavators, generators, forklifts, steel, etc.) sales experience preferred

  • 熟练使用Microsoft office软件

Proficient in Microsoft office software

  • 具有团队合作精神,善于沟通

With team spirit, good communication

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Sales, Marketing & Product Management
Travel Required: 61%-100%
Entry level